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2011.02.24 FPC 4 WII
I have spent a bunch of hours of my free time adding to free pascal compiler a brand-new target: the Nintendo Wii. The compiler works and spits out .dol executables; the RTL, is an adaption from the NDS one, but works too. Yesterday I have committed the libogc to the fpc SVN repository and some examples that show how things work. This week-end I'll post on the fpc wiki some more infos to show how to build all stuff.

2010.11.13 Free Pascal Compiler 2.4.2 released
...and, of course, fpc4nds/fpc4gba has been released too. Now it is compatible wit devkitARM r32 and libnds 1.4.8, so please update your dkA packages.
What's new? Among other things, many compiler bugfixes, Delphi 2006 like support, support for sealed and abstract class modifiers.
Oh! And a brend-new libndsfpc chm reference file too!

Get it from


2010.01.23 FPC4NDS 2.4.0 and more
After some troubles, FPC4NDS 2.4.0 has been released. It comes in two flavours, win32 and linux, and it can be downloaded from here:

In the meanwhile, I have received a mail from Alcatiz, the manager of the Pascal team on, the largest French-language community of  Western Europe, Africa and Northern America dedicated to IT and programming. In this mail, Alcatiz inform us that there is a tutorial about how to easily install FPC4NDS on Windows and Linux. It's really GREAT and, if you know French,  you can read it here:

If you can't read French, don't worry: an English translation is on the way =)

Update (2010/01/30): The English version is online now:

2009.05.25 FPC 2.2.4a released
Hello there! I have just uploaded the new fpc stable release 2.2.4a, for GBA and NDS. Because some bug fixes added in the development trunk that arent merged to 2.2.4 branch, a couple of new features are postponed to the next release. But don't worry, all should work fine without them =)
So, let's talk a bit about this release! I have added a batch script to auto configure the fpc.cfg file, so it should be easier to install the compiler. Now there are several new examples and, among others, I'm sure you will find interesting the ones about sprites and background, as well as the ones about music and effects. I'm a bit lazy, you know, so at this time no screenshots, sorry =P

2008.12.27 Happy new year!
So, after a few months I'm coming back here. I was busy with my new job and I had some hard times too, but things are going better now.
Let see, there are some good and bad news to show. First of all, maybe you have noticed that there is a new devkitPro and libnds version, so I'm spending my vacations to update fpc4nds and libndsfpc. There are a lot of changes to do and something does not work yet as expected. On the other hand, some old bugs have been fixed. I'm working now on a mechanism that should allow accessing files in the pascal way (assign, reset, rewrite, read, write, close, ...).
In the next release it will be an audio library too, maxmod, that is a way better than older libs that where shipped in the past with libnds.
About the book: because some heavy changes in the library interface, I need to rewrite some parts here and there, but my main problem is the lack of time because my new job, so don't expect anything soon.

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