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2007.05.26 New "Developing on Nintendo" forum on Free Pascal
I have just got an email from DaniŽl Mantione about a new Developing for Nintendo forum on community. ;)

2007.05.20 Free Pascal Official 2.1.4 Beta Release
This short news to let you know that GBA and NDS ports are now officially available for download at Free Pascal site. Here's the news from Free Pascal site:
May 20, 2007 After years of development the new fpc version 2.2.0, version 2.1.4 aka 2.2.0-beta is released. The beta will be available for about two months whereafter 2.2.0 will be released. We ask all our users to test this release, and report bugs on the bug-tracker. If you want to know if your bug is already solved, you can look it up in mantis, or try one of the daily snapshots, based on the fixes_2_2 branch. So please help us make version 2.2.0 the most stable version of freepascal, until now. List of changes can be found here. The releasenotes are also available. Please note that there are some intentional incompatibilities with previous versions, for an overview click here.

2007.05.16 I'm still alive
Yes, I know... there is a lack of news & updates here, but real life brought me to more important things, sorry. In the meanwhile, I'm working on a 2d engine/map editor with OpenGL (yeah, something different to nds/gba), that I hope it will be useful to make some simple games. Maybe you will see here some screen caps and/or some tech demos, so stay tuned ;)

2007.02.16 Umpf... An(other) unexpected bug raised
This nds port is a mine for new and unexpected bugs =/ The last in chronological order concerns classes that can't be used, because the generated executable is corrupted somewhere... The bad news is that I can't figure from where this bug is coming out: on gba all works nice and nds port is conceptually the same...

2007.02.14 Touch code issue resolved
I was busy trying to fix a nasty bug that prevented the touchscreen code to work correctly. After a week of wasted time I have found that the bug was due to the old ndstool! XD
So remember: if you are using the new libnds4fpc (the one for dkP r20), then you need to replace ndstool.exe in fpc/bin/arm-nds with the one that comes with dkP r20 in dkp/devkitARM/bin.

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