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2008.01.08 New fpc4nds snapshot
As promised, I have uploaded a new fpc4nds snapshot on freepascal's ftp. In the zip you will find all you need to start coding (compiler, libraries, examples, tools), so I hope that this release could help newcomers =)
Download the snapshot here! (5.3 megs)

2008.01.05 Switching libndsfpc from sourceforge to freepascal's svn
Libndsfpc is stable enough now, so I think it's time to upload it on freepascal's svn without sh*tting it too much =)
To be more consistent to other packages I have converted libndsfpc from .inc headers to units, so from now on we'll have two units, nds9 and nds7: no more need to include =). In the next couple of days I'll make some test and I'll upload it on fpc's svn. As "gift" I'll put online a new fpc4nds snapshot, so you can start to play in a couple of clicks.
I have noticed that some people comes on this web page directly from fpc's NDS wiki, meaning that someone reads it. That's good, but the wiki is a bit outdated, so I'll need to add some "fresh" infos... Too much work... I need some help ^_^;

2007.12.30 WiFi is working!
Good news for WiFi addicted: I have spent some spare time working on WiFi library for NDS. To tell the truth, I already ported it to free pascal some months ago, but it needed some debugging. Well, now it works fine! Well, at least the example I have made works fine... ^_^;
I'll release a package this evening so, if you're interested, stay tuned =)
As promised, here's a new libnds snapshot with WiFi support. In the package you will find a full working example too. Enjoy!
Download it here (140 kb)

2007.12.27 LibMikMod for Nintendo DS
A one-evening porting here: libmikmod for fpc4nds =D
It is a portable sound library for playing various music modules like MOD, S3M, IT, etc. I have tested for mod format only, so it could return crap... in case bug report me! ^_^
Hardware mixer (based on ARM7 cpu) works fine on real hardware, but on no$gba I get some distorted sound; software mixer works fine both on real hardware and no$gba, but eats more ARM9 cpu =(
Download here! (532 kb)

2007.12.12 Snapshot time
I have built a snapshot for nds and gba from the fpc development branch, because it comes with some major fixes. In the nds package you will find the latest libndsfpc release too, that *should* work with devkitPro 21, and some examples, that maybe need some fixes because they're coming from dkP 20.
In the gba package there is a new library for gba that I have ported from devkitPro. It's not tested at all, so I can't tell if it works or not... Well, try and feel free to fix it =P

Here's the links: Enjoy! =D

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