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2007.02.02 2007 PGD Annual Multiplexity Competition
Pascal Game Development community has announced the 2007 PGD "Multiplexity" Game Programming Competition aimed to pascal developers. The big news of this year is that entries for Nintendo DS and GameBoy Advance are allowed! The compo theme is very interesting (a multi-genre game), prizes are very rich, so: pick up your fpc4gba or fpc4nds and start coding now!!!

2007.01.14 More on dswifi =P
Alignment problems are now resolved (never trust in a translation you have made at 4:00 AM 0_o) and all dswifi for ARM9 works fine. Now I need to find an ugly bug in dswifi for ARM7, but I'm on it ;)
As soon as I have done this job, I'll need some volunteers to test it and, maybe, to try to make a web browser for nds with free pascal =P
I'm just curious to know if someone is playing around/working with fpc4nds or fpc4gba, because I can see several downloads, but I don't get any feedback... Should I guess that all my stuff is bug free? =P

2007.01.10 And now, dswifi!
Yesterday I have released the last libndsfpc package, that includes a full working libfat. Today I'm struggling with the dswifi library... There is a bug in the arm7 part of libnds, that freezes the executable, but I haven't been able to find it =(
no$gba says that there is some bad alignment somewhere... I'm diving in arm7 code now, rewriting it line by line, in the hope that I will find something wrong =(

Stay tuned ;)

2007.01.08 NDS: accessing files via FAT
Finally I have resolved some issues I had with libfat and now it is possible to load (and maybe write =P) data from a backup device. This is possible thanks to Chishm's libfat, that has totally recoded his old gba_nds_fat library in order to make it more compatible with new devices: with the old gba_nds_fat lib, it was needed to compile the code for each backup device; libfat comes with a patcher that allows to compile the code with a generic fat support, then to patch it for what backup device you want. I'll post the new libfat headers in libndsfpc svn repository ASAP (just the time to check it for some bugs =P).

2006.12.31 libgba rewriting
As I have resolved some issues I had in fpc4gba linking, I have decided to rewrite from scratch the libgba, in order to make it more similar to libnds. This new port should resolve the issues with boyscout sound library too. Stay tuned for other infos :P

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