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2006.07.09 Pasclipse and fpc package
A few words to say that I have made a quick update to pasclipse in order to make it compatible with Eclipse 3.2. The download is some where in this page... ;)
I have made some changes to gba lib too: now it is released as a fpc package, so you can find it in freepascal svn repository. Of course, you can go on using the good old library =)

2006.06.15 Work in progress
While I'm writing the tutorial, I have started to change the gba lib in a freepascal package. I think it is more comfortable, because you can use
  gba_types, gba_regs;

instead of including stuff here and there. Of course, you will be able to use both in your sources ^_^.
Maybe I'll publish the tutorial even if it is not complete, so you can start to try some gba coding. =)

2006.06.06 A new demo
Marten van der Honing has sent to me a little nice demo that explains how to use the tiles and the keypad. You can see it in action by clicking on the image below. Sources are provided. Thanks to Martin for his work! ^_^

2006.06.04 A tutorial is coming ^_^
I'm writing a little tutorial (well, maybe isn't too little...) that should explain the gba programming with fpc from the basics up. In the next few days I should be able to put a first part somewhere here on the site, so stay tuned!

Another news is that I'm exploring the possibility to make a fpc porting for GameCube, because freepascal supports PowerPC architecture. I have made a first working draft of the compiler and rtl. I'm able to make gc executables, but there is no emulator with debugger for GameCube :(
The only debugger I have found requires a real GC to be connected via lan to a pc. If someone is interested in this porting, please let me know :)

2006.05.30 FPC4GBA binaries available
!!Warning!!:Yesterday I forgot to put 2 files in fpc4gba package (make.exe and rm.exe). If you have a fpc installed, you can grab these 2 files from bin/i386-win32 directory. However, I have uploaded the updated package. Sorry :(

So... I have uploaded a binary version of fpc4gba. It includes a library (it needs testing!) and a bunch of tools, like a source level debugger (insight) and an emulator (sdl vba). Feel free to try it and let me know if it works fine ^_^
A big "thank you" to Daniel for his priceless help and to Florian, who made this incredible compiler, that allows to make nice things even to underskilled programmers like me... =D

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