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2007.10.25 devkitPro 21 is out
There is a new devkitPro version that updates libnds and ARM toolchain. There are several changes in the library, so be warned: if you will update to this new release, libndsfpc will not work anymore! I'll start working on libndsfpc to make it compatible with dkP 21 as soon as I'll get my laptop repaired.

2007.09.15 Breaking news...
First breaking news: fpc 2.2.0 has been released some days ago. Of course it is available on Free Pascal web site for ds and gba too.
Second "breaking" news: the broken thing is my laptop's video card. I'm writing this news on vga mode (640*480*8) with some heavy glitches on the screen O_o... Sadly that video cars it is wired on the motherboard, so I'll need to sell an eye, a kidney and a liter of blood of mine to repair it =(. If you have some spare bucks and you want help me, please make a little donation by using the Paypal button on the left side. You will get eternal gratitude from me and from my laptop =)

2007.07.30 New heap manager
I have made some changes to gba and nds ports in order to fix that class related bug I got some weeks ago. I have removed my buggy heap manager, both for gba and nds, reactivated the fpc internal one (that has been totally rewritten) and fixed a couple of addresses. The result is that now you can use classes and dynamic allocated memory ^_^
Because this is a major fix, it needs some deep stressing tests, so feel free to use and abuse it and let me know if all works as expected =)

2007.07.07 ...and now, devkitPro 3D examples
I have nearly finished polishing libndsfpc and 3d is very usable now. I have uploaded all 3d examples in the sourceforge's SVN repository too, so now you don't have excuses anymore: check out that stuff NOW! =P
Jokes apart, in a couple of days I should update the zip file with the library too (I'm a bit lazy, you know...), so stay tuned

2007.06.11 devkitPro's 2D examples on SVN
I'm trying to fix bugs in libndsfpc and the 2D part should work pretty fine now (well, at least it works fine in dkp 2D examples). I have decided to upload those 2d examples on libndsfpc SVN, so if you are interested, you can get some infos about how things work.
As usual, let me know if something goes wrong ^_^

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