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2005.10.16 WinDS Form Designer in private beta testing
Seems that all is growing up fine. At this time I released a private beta version of WinDS to's beta testing group, that will help me in debugging and testing process. First feedback was positive, so stay tuned. I have put a new image for this project, that you can see at bottom of this page.

2005.09.26 A new tool: Lookup Table Generator
After a week I finished another tool that could be useful for gba/ds developers: a lookup table generator. It produces arrays of sin and cos values (of course...) and you can download it somewere in this page =P. If you think it is useful, or if you find a bug, or even if you want some new features, feel free to mail me. PS. I have added a little disclaimer at the bottom of the page...

2005.09.18 My site is up and running!
Ok, this is my first post ever on this site. Not a great site nor a wonderful layout, I know... Only a one-page-site with all my little projects. I'll upload here some tools that I created in my spare time in order to help myself and some friends of mine in gba/ds programming. More stuff is coming (tutorials, sources, examples, tools,..) so stay tuned! Enjoy!! ^_^

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