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2006.09.25 FPC4GBA Game Programming Tutorial: Work in Progress
Finally I have decided to put online my tutorial on gba programming with fpc4gba. In fact I have made these few paragraphs in june, but I was too lazy to correct them... Well, as you can read it is a very embryonal release: only a few arguments are covered and - for sure! - you will find poor English, stupid errors, poor coding practices and all the worst things you can imagine... So, please!, this time let me know if you have even small suggestions ^_^;

Enjoy the tutorial!

2006.09.24 Building fpc4gba with a batch file
I know, I'm a bit lazy, so the binaries for fpc4gba are a bit old... =(
So I have modified a batch script I have found on lazarus wiki and now you can compile your own fpc4gba in a single click of your mouse ^_^ Download the batch file!

2006.09.07 Tetriz sources
As promised, Tetriz sources are available for download now ^_^. The code is poor-commented, but should be easy enough to understand it... if something is not clear, feel free to contact me via email. In order to compile the code, you should download the last fpc4gba and gbaunits sources and recompile it, as long as I don't make a new binary pack available.

Another good news is that now there is a fontmaker: you can use it to translate fonts in pascal sources, so you can use it with fpc4gba!

2006.09.01 New FPC4GBA release
Just uploaded on freepascal SVN repository some changes to compiler, that should solve some memory allocation related issues. Now should be possible to use classes and objects =)
I have made some minor changes to gbaunit too, mainly to make it more compatible with libgba for devkitpro. As usual, checkout SVN repository for a copy =P
In a couple of days I'll release the sources of Tetriz a little tetris clone completely made with fpc4gba. Here a screenshot:

2006.08.12 A nasty bug...
I was trying to make a simple tetris clone with fpc4gba for my tutorial, when I have found a big bug (sorry for the pun, but it is really... big): the compiler can't allocate memory in the heap so, for example, variable arrays do not work. The guys on freepascal community are working on it (yes... I really don't know where I could put my hands... =( ). ASAP we'll release a new working version.

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