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2006.04.11 News system php-zed
My php news system is working now. I have used a php web site I have written for a friend of mine some times ago. I hope that now I'll be spurred to update my web site more often... ^_^
About FPC4GBA: some weeks ago I have submitted a working patch to Florian. Unfortunately seems that this patch isnt good enough, because I have made gba as a unixlike target. Here Florian's mail:

I had a short look at the patch and noticed one thing: it assumes that gda is a unixlike target which isn't the case imo. This should be corrected. It is rather unlikely that gba requires modifications in rtl/unix ;)
Also the gba directory should be restructured keeping this in mind. Have a look at e.g. morphos how a non unixlike port looks like.

So, seems that I need to restart FPC4GBA from scratch another time ^_^;; If someone wants, I can upload here this unofficial_unsupported_and_discontinued patch, so you can test how nice it works :)

2006.02.06 Little update ^_^
FPC4GBA working goes on... I have made a couple of small demos that you can find (only binaries, sorry) somewhere in this page: 2 mode4 demos and 1 mode0. I have temporarily removed some things here and there (gba lib and pas2gba) that need some reworking, and now the installation procedure page for gba is the one in fpc wiki. A couple of months ago I have released WinDS Form Designer, but I forgot to update my page... Because it is a part of a bigger project, you can find it in the WinDS devkit (look left for the link). Oh, and ASAP I should work on a php script for this web page... :/

2006.01.15 YAY! It works!
Some good news from FPC4GBA! A couple of days ago I was a bit disappointed, because I can't figure a way to make fpc4gba a little bit fast. Thanks to Daniel Mantione from FPC crew, now I have some more infos about the rtl and I have compiled an rtl with smartlinking enabled that reduces alot the size of the executables. Second thing, now I know how to make some optimization in order to increase the speed by using gba bios functions. Now same code compiled with fpc runs even faster than the one compiled with gcc ^_^. Now I'm trying to remove some minor issues before release a full working version, Stay tuned! =P

2006.01.12 Some news...
Happy new year! ^_^
Here some news from the past weeks...
First news: WinDS 2006 Compo has ended. We had a lot of good entries, among others a chip8 emulator written by me =) Take a look to the entries here!
Second news: I have added a "Credits" section to my fpc4gba tutorial... In the excitement I forgot to add it... Sorry, WILL! =(
Last news: About FPC4GBA... Some years ago I decided to make some experiments with gnu pascal compiler, in order to port it to the gba. I abandoned the project because some problems I can't figure to solve. Now that I have my programming skills improved, I have restarted working with GPC and - surprise - same gba demo compiled with GPC runs about 15 times faster, compared to FPC compiled one... I'm thinking to stop my efforts with FPC... :(

2005.11.06 FPC 4 GBA Second issue
I'm proud to inform you that now FPC 4 GBA works very well! A bunch of weeks ago I asked on freepascal community site a little help with fpc initialization code, hoping in a fast reply. Unfortunately I haven't answers. =( The other guy involved in this project (WILL of PGD) was away for a trip, so I rolled up my sleeves and started to analize fpc code by myself. After a zillion of attempts and a lot of curses I have found the code that screw gba initialization code. With a couple of modifications, all seems working now. ^_^ I have prepared a little html file that explains how to make a working fpc compiler for gba. You can find also the whole package for download in this page. Feel free to contact me for infos or suggestions. Enjoy!

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