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2006.05.28 New feature
I have added a nice feature to this web site! If you want, now you can try my gba demos by clicking on demo screenshots. A new little window with Boycott Advance Online applet will popup, giving you the opportunity to see my demos running ^_^ About FPC4GBA: a week ago I have submitted my patch to Florian, and I'm waiting to see it in svn repository. Now I'm working on GBA Lib for FPC and on some other demos.

2006.05.16 Done!
Thanks to Wintermute (that found the bug) and Daniel Mantione (that helped me to solve it), fpc4gba works fine now. Next few days I'll clean up the code and I'll submit all stuff to Florian that, hopefully, will put it in freepascal svn repository ^_^

YAY! I'm very happy now =D

2006.05.16 Bug fixed
Yesterday Florian has fixed ARM asm bug I reported some weeks ago, so now I can try to add some asm optimized routines! I have another good news: Wintermute (devkitPro) has helped me with linker script, so all stuff in FPC generated roms is placed right. And even another one: now smartlinking (AKA dead code elimination) works too, so roms are smaller. Uh... Oh! And a bad news too... I have some problems with units. If I try to link units in my rom, the executable does not work correctly =( I think I have stripped out some code from rtl I didn't... Too bad... I should find and restore it =)

2006.04.23 More ASM arm problems...
I need speed! Speed in games development is all. I'm trying to find a way to make fpc eating my asm inline code, but it dislikes it... If I have understood correctly, freepascal makes a check on inline asm to see if this code is secure or not, but at this time it has some problems to understand it all. It dislikes even inlined asm code generated from fpc itself. So: no asm, no speed ^_^;
I should try to link it as an external library... Maybe it could work... (?)

2006.04.21 FPC4GBA: new rtl is growing fine
Yesterday I have been able to recompile my old gba demos by using my new rtl (this one is not linux based). I should do more accurate testing, but at this time all seems good enough ^_^
Main work was to remove all unnecessary code, like mouse, keyboard, file I/O and so on. Next step will be to add some ASM optimized routines, in order to speed up all things. Now I'm diving in ARM ASM docs... Before to submit it to FPC community, I'm thinking about releasing fpc4gba in a binary package, so if you want, you can help me with some beta testing =)

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