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2008.08.22 Mummy, look: a book!
Some months ago I wrote a post on PGD forum about a book I started to write. Telling long story short, I'm writing a book about Nintendo DS programming with Free Pascal compiler ^_^.
I have spent my vacation to write down some other stuff and to reorganize the book, correct mistakes, write examples and so on.
At this time I'm writing in Italian, but an English translation is already planned. My intention is to make it available for free as ebook and, maybe, sell it as paper book at for a little fee. A zip archive with all tools and examples will be available here too and, maybe, i'll enclose a CD to the book too.
The work slowly goes on, but I hope to release it as soon as possible. In the next days I'll put online a new section to show the work in progress percentage.

2008.07.15 bin2unit released
As I promised, there is a new tool available for download: bin2unit. It's another binary-to-code (pascal and/or asm) converter, use it if you want. You will find a dedicated section on the left menu =)
About other things: I'm a bit busy now, because real life every so often knocks to my door to remember that it's still there, so don't expect any update soon. Though I have almost finished a visual tool to view and change nds roms header (yeah, you know, things like icon, title, publisher and so on) but, as I have said, I can't find some spare time to complete it.

2008.05.25 Tuning up fpc4nds and fpc4gba
I have passed the last few days working on fpc4gba in order to reflect the latest updates on devkitARM for gba. I have modified the examples and the libgba, because this is a job I should had to do months ago, but I never had the time to do. About fpc4nds, I'm working on the memory manager (again... *_*): Sergio, a cool guy that is working with fpc4nds, has discovered a bug on the memory manager and has shared some nice ideas in order to fix it. He has proposed some fixes and ideas about file and console I/O in order to make fpc4nds more pascal compliant. We are working on it now, so stay tuned.
A last word about a command line tool I have made: it is a converter that takes a list of binary files as parameter and exports them in a single pascal unit or in a pascal unit + asm files (for relocating purposes). I'm improving it now (I'm thinking about loading templates, in order to implement other languages) and I'm just too lazy to upload it now, but stay tuned, because I'll release it soon . Oh, by the way, its eccentric name is bin2units...

2008.05.15 Wii/GCN patch
As I announced, Wii and GCN porting projects are stopped. I have made a diff patch that you can download in the Wii/GCN section and that you can apply to the Free Pascal's trunk from SVN. I'll not provide support about patching and compiling, so use it only if you know what you are doing. In the diff file there is no lib and no example; you will need to link libogc from devkitPPC. Feel free to continue my work on it.

2008.04.28 Summing up the situation
fpc4gamecube/fpc4wii: at this time all I have is a proof-of-concept toolchain. Free Pascal is capable to generate executables for both consoles and, as far I can see, the speed is pretty good. Nevertheless I have put these two ports in stand-by, because no one seems interested in a pascal compiler for Gamecube or Wii, so I won't waste my time and my bucks in something useless, I won't make this error twice
fpc4nds/fpc4gba: in the next weeks will be released a major update for libnds. This update will make easier to program for nds, because it will add a high level layer on the top of the old library.

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