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2008.04.20 News about fpc4gamecube
This is a pageflip demo ported from a libogc example. Tested on gcube emulator, the speed of the executable made with fpc is about the same as the gcc one (48 fps on gcc, 47 fps on fpc); on the other hand, the executable is bigger on fpc side, as usual.

pageflip demo

In this archive (116 kb) you will find both fpc and gcc executables.
I have made a new FPC 4 GameCube page in "Projects" too.

2008.04.18 New web site
Yes, I know, it looks like the older one :)
I have modified a bit the php script and now I can edit stuff withouth touching the html pages. It needs some adjustements here and there, so if you find something wrong, then let me know! ^_^

2008.04.16 News about fpc4gamecube
A couple of days ago I have got my first working executable from fpc4gamecube =D
fpc4gamecube example
Nothing amazing, as you can see, but at least now I know that it can work. At this time there is a compiler and a stripped down RTL. In order to get a working .dol (the gc executable) file, I need to link libogc, an open source library for gamecube/wii that 's shipped with devkitPPC. This library embeds a crt0, so at this time I have removed the prt0 from the RTL, in order to avoid conflicts in linking stage.
Help request:I need a real gamecube now because the emulator lacks basic debugger functionalities. The problem is that I need an old version that should have a serial port. In newer versions this serial port has been removed, so it is unusable for debugging purposes. If anyone have a spare gamecube with serial port to sell for some bucks, please contact me at this email: francky74 at gmail dot com

2008.04.07 GameCube and Wii anyone?
So it is the time: fpc already supports PowerPC, so I have decided to spent some (more) time to GameCube and Wii port. Some times ago I already tried to make a GCube porting, but I stopped working on it bewacuse of lack of interest and hardware/emulators =D.
GBA and NDS are very stable and usable now and I need a new challenge ^_^
At this time there are only a few things working (a generic compiler and a very basic rtl) but I hope that things will improve faster. Oh, btw I need feedback too. I'm a bit disappointed because the lack of feedback for nds and gba porting in the past months. I don't ask for money (I even got my laptop repaired under warranty ^^); a mail in case of bugs will be enough =P
As usual let me know if you have some interest in this new works!

2008.03.23 ...and again!
I have fixed a bug that broke nds' sound core. Now it should work as expected but, as usual, feel free to contact me for bug reports. This snapshot contains a new arm9 handling routine that does not generate errors on no$gba anymore. Last, I have updated the binutils (now you can find more tools), and I have added Insight debugger too, that you can use for remote debugging with desmume emulator.
Download the snapshot! (16 megs)

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