At this time, Free Pascal for PowerPC is very stable and usable, so I have restarted from scratch a new project in order to add the Nintendo Wii support to Free Pascal. Some years ago I already started a GameCube/Wii porting, but I stopped working on it beacuse of lack of interest, hardware/emulators and feedback.
In the Free Pascal's svn repository you will find the sources for compiler, RTL and a binding for libogc (libogcfpc), an open source library for gamecube/wii that is shipped with devkitPPC.
In order to compile it, devkitPPC is required; libogcfpc requires "mad" library, so remember to build and install it.

For this porting, I'm using the Dolphin emulator, that is good enough for some small tests only. I don't own a Wii, so you are encouraged to test the examples on your own hardware.
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More infos:
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